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No time for the gym?
No Problem.
True Edge Fitness brings the gym to your home.

My name is Chris Williams and I am an ACE certified personal trainer. I bring fitness to you. I do this to eliminate as many obstacles as I can from your path to fitness. In home personal training means no drive to or from the gym, saving you both time and money. I bring all the equipment needed. So you don't need to concern yourself with purchasing or maintaining any equipment. I eliminate the excuses. All you have to do is be ready to train when I get there.

Before I found Chris I had used about every method to lose weight and achieve my goals. From day one Chris believed in me and kept me motivated. In 2.5 months I was out of the obese category and this is just the beginning! His system really works and I don't have to step foot in a gym or even leave my home. I have a VERY busy work schedule but Chris makes all of this so easy and possible by coming to my home. I strongly believe if I can find the time and energy to do this any one can! Great guy, Great system, No excuses.

— Kimberly


If you have 30 minutes,
3 days a week,
you have time to get fit and find your edge.

True Edge Fitness provides services that help you reach your fitness goals. Exercise and nutrition will give you the tools you need to live a healthy, strong, and productive life. Determining where you are physically and nutritionally lets me tailor a fitness program just for you. With my guidance and encouragement together we'll build your determination and perseverance that will get you to your goals.

Chris will work you very hard to meet any goal you may have. Mine was strength, toning and nutrition. I was amazed at what I can do now that I did not think I could do when we started. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Great Personal Trainer!

— April

What they're saying about True Edge:

Im in the best shape in decades thanks to Chris he truly cares about his clients goals and goes the extra mile to help his clients find success. Thank you Chris!

— Becky

I love having Chris as my personal trainer He challenges and motivates me to really push myself towards reaching my fitness goals and I am seeing positive results.

— Cynthia

Chris works you to your potential and really cares about helping you reach our fitness goals.

— Rachel

Chris helped me with regaining the best physical fitness I have enjoyed since college. Chris was motivational, knowledgeable and constantly available to instruct, explain, motivate and evaluate. His promptness was almost obnoxious and his quality of work is beyond reproach.

— Thomas

I can't believe how much I get done in 30 minutes. It definitely feels like an hours worth of work.

— Clara

Chris is very professional & punctual. His program eliminates the excuses and keeps you motivated!! Well worth the expense!

— Amy

Chris is a talented and personable personal trainer! He works you to your potential and really cares about helping you reach your fitness goals.

— Rachel

I look and feel better and stronger after just 6 months of working out with him and he keeps me motivated to do better each time!

— Anne

Chris was great and very helpful. He motivated me to continue doing what I could. Even if i was trying to give up.

— Oleisha

Great results in a short period of time!

— Ryan

Chris was key to improving my fitness level endurance, stamina and I appreciate him a lot!

— Harpreet

Sessions are challenging and are designed to give you an all over workout. Chris is a good motivator, very punctual and clearly passionate and knowledgeable about his profession.

— Louisa

Personal Training One-on-One

30 min. $35

45 min. $45

60 min. $55

Free trial session and fitness assessment.

Payment options:
Monthly or Bi-weekly

Couples Training Couples

30 min. $45

45 min. $55

60 min. $65

Free trial session and fitness assessment.

Payment options:
Monthly or Bi-weekly

Ready to find your Edge?

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